Thankfulness and abundance

It is Thanksgiving week and a time we should all take stock of the blessings in our lives. Be it large or small it is a real benefit to, not only recognize what is good in our lives, but to also actively acknowledge the goodness. In that light, I also encourage you to take an attitude of abundance in your life. It is so easy for us to get caught up in an attitude of scarcity, we don’t have enough money, enough time, we don’t have….

An attitude of abundance isn’t simply wishful thinking about an alternate reality that you wish was true. It is a way of being in the world that puts your mind on the track to achieving that which you wish to achieve and at the same time acknowledging all of the goodness that already exists. As stated above, it is very easy to fall into an attitude of scarcity, feeling like you don’t have enough, aren’t good enough, can’t succeed- there’s no end to it once you start feeding the feeling of scarcity. However, I challenge you to be truly honest with yourself and consider what you do have in your life that is a hallmark of abundance.

Looking at your abundance can begin with the simplest of things. Do you have a job? If you do that is a mark of abundance in your life. Now, do you like your job, is it providing all that you need? Perhaps and perhaps not, but having a job is solid step in the direction of abundance. Do you have family? Even if they are far away, having family is a great source of abundance. Again, they may irritate you, they may not always be the nicest, but having family is a source of strength no one should underestimate.

In terms of our health, we are all on a continuum of health. Some areas are stronger, some weaker, and likely we all are striving for improvement in one way or another. Here again consider your blessings. Are able to walk and talk and be in the world. That in of itself is abundance. Do you have physical, mental or emotional challenges? As a chiropractor I would ask, do you have back pain, neck pain, or a trick knee? These are things that you can work on and that 3 Rivers Chiropractic wants to help you with. Don’t forget that you have abundance in your community to assist you in your goals.

To reinforce the benefits of the mindset of abundance, I wish to share with you some age-old knowledge and cutting edge neuroscience on the power of the mind. From yogic traditions, it has long been known that all things in our existence begin with thought. In essence, you think a thought and then charge it with emotion and conviction and it will become manifest in reality. Neuroscience is coming to validate these long known truths. As one leader in the field of the brain puts it- thoughts are matter. And thoughts do matter. Each thought we have creates neural circuits in the brain, pathways that literally create our “self”. To quote Joe Dispenza, a fellow chiropractor, from his groundbreaking book Evolve Your Brain:

What we repeatedly think about and where we focus our attention is what we neurologically become. Neuroscience finally understands that we can mold and shape the neurological framework of the self by the repeated attention we give to any one thing.

How your nerve cells are specifically arranged, or neurologically wired, based on what you learn, what you remember, what you experience, what you envision for yourself, what you do, and how you think about yourself, defines you as an individual.

So be mindful of your self-talk, what you are repeatedly saying to yourself- for it will become your reality. Likewise, be thankful for all or your blessings and never stop striving for things to be better. Maintaining an attitude of abundance is a crucial and foundational step towards creating a better reality for yourself.

In the spirit of thankfulness we are very excited and grateful to announce that 3 Rivers Chiropractic has moved into our new location at 334 East Broadway St, here in Missoula, MT. There are a number of talented people in the building currently, but now there will be a talented chiropractor to add to the mix! Dr. Johansson’s new office is very warm and inviting and will hopefully aid in some people’s access to his care. His mobile chiropractic practice is getting trimmed down, but still available for those that need it.

Lastly, in the spirit of abundance and celebration of thankfulness, we are offering a fantastic discount on our new patient exam and treatment. New patient exams with full-spinal adjustment is just $55, a 60% discount. So come in and see the new office and take a step along the path to a better you. We look forward to seeing you soon!