Improvement in quality of life is essential in quality care

Dr. Johansson is always thorough, attentive, and practical in his approach. I have seen him for a variety of acute and chronic injuries and have come away feeling reassured and optimistic in terms of recovery. His perspective is balanced, incorporating knowledge from a variety of traditions as well as contemporary research. I have and will continue to recommend patients to him.

Mason Voehl

Dr. Johansson is wonderfully kind and does excellent work. It is easy to be honest and explain what is going on without feeling judgement. My hand suddenly went numb and I first went to the hospital where I was told to go home and rest. Dr. Johansson actually tried to find a solution and make it better. I didn't feel rushed, he took his time, and makes you feel like he actually cares about healing you instead of just pushing you out the door. He explains what he's doing and why. Very reasonably priced, professional, and I'd recommend to everyone.

Sarah Guslander

Dr. Johansson is the best chiropractor ever. He completely healed my long term hip pain that had gotten so bad i could hardly walk. He employed eastern medicine techniques that o had never heard of which gave me relief immediately and had me do exercises at home to keep me healthy for the long term. I'm six months pain free and I send all my friends and family to him.

Harmony Brown

A complete treatment no doubt. I spent the same amount of money per session with other chiropractors and received five times the care and attention with Dr. Johansson. There was one experience I had in Bellingham, WA where I was signed up for the typical 5 minute pop-and-go treatments from a local chiropractor. After explaining that I have had pain under my right shoulder blade from a fishing accident I underwent 3 months of treatment and later I stopped going because it was burning a hole in my pocket without permanent pain relief. I told Dr. Johansson the same story about my shoulder and I was on the table for 25 minutes... what!!?? Massage, acupressure, electrode-things, adjustments, pulse checks, the absolute works! My shoulder felt great and after a follow up treatment with him I'm feeling good about this next fishing season.

Ashton Poole

There are many reasons Tavis has earned a 5 star rating!!

Far more than a chiropractor, he will actually heal you; for whole body health, this is the place. Very cost effective, needs focused and you can tell you mean more to him than just another customer.

This doctor, incredibly, brought me from where i was, in constant pain, back to healthy living and all the while kept me active in the things I like and need to do.

Do your self a favor, make that a million favors, book an appointment today.

Tavis Johansson will take his time (one full hour per session) and get your health back on track!!

A huge thank you, for helping me the way you have.

Thomas Brown

I rarely write reviews and in a way, I hesitate to do so now because I'm a bit worried that if too many people discover this hidden gem, I will no longer be able to get in to be treated by this outstanding doc. That being said, there are a lot of chiropractors in this town and it's hard to know who is worth their salt without some candid reviews.

I am a physician myself and speak frankly when I say that Dr. Johannson is a rare breed among modern clinicians. He's not a technician, but a true HEALER, which is exceedingly rare in today's society. His love for the art of healing is evident in the way that he listens and attends to his patients and the immense flexibility he displays in his treatment approach. He does not rely on machines to diagnose and treat, but is a young practitioner with the awareness and skill of a wise old healer.

I have to say that I was always skeptical of chiropractors prior to working with Dr. Johannson, who far exceeded my expectations by effectively using a combination of acupressure, manual adjustment, and soft tissue work. Each time I have seen him, he has selected an individual approach for that day and each time I have left feeling like I could think clearly for the first time in months and could finally move without pain.

I really cannot sing Dr. Johansson's praises enough for his presence, compassion, and technical skills, but figured that posting a review online would be a good start in thanking him for his excellent work. If you're dealing with chronic issues or acute pain related to a recent injury, get in to see this guy; he is truly talented.

Edy Dokken

January 9, 2018

Dr. Johannson is a great chiro and skilled healer. He spends a more time than any other dr. I've ever experienced and always works the whole body and listens to all of what my concerns are. It is nice to feel confident that I will receive a holistic and effective treatment with Dr. Johannson!

Sage Petersen

September 22, 2017

Dr. Johansson has greatly enhanced the quality of my life with his treatments and by sharing his knowledge of a person's general well-being. He's very professional, polite, and has a comfortable energy to be around. I feel Dr. Johansson is has been very honest about how often we should schedule appointments and has not tried to impose a regime to enhance his own financial gain. He's also shared many constructive processes to enhance and maintain a person's physical and mental health.

Coltin Hurst

December 6, 2016

Since my first sessions with Tavis, I am more agile and have improved flexibility. He has recommend helpful remedies I am able to utilize, outside of our sessions. I have received brilliant client care and adjustment to my personal needs.
Very highly recommended to those who want to better their personal overall health!

Michaela Frazier

August 10, 2017

Dr. Johansson is a perceptive doctor with encyclopedic knowledge. As he listened to all aspects of my multi-layered, long-term concerns, he created an integrated plan for my healing. His gifted and patient approach has healed the sources of my decades of chronic pain, and he's also given me tools to maintain my new freedom. I really never thought life could be this good again.

Deborah A Elder

December 15, 2017