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Research Information

Chiropractic Effectiveness for Treating Low Back Pain

Chiropractic Effectiveness for Treating Low Back Pain

Numerous studies demonstrate the effectiveness of chiropractic manipulation for treating low-back pain.
The American College of Physicians published practice guidelines in 2007 highlighting Effective and Ineffective low-back pain therapies.

The scientific review looked at non-pharmacologic therapies for patients with acute and chronic low-back pain. The guidelines developed from this study recommends physicians to recommend patients that do not improve with self care, non-medication options, that have proven benefits.

For Acute low-back pain- Chiropractic manipulation, superficial heat

For Chronic or Subacute low-back pain- Chiropractic manipulation, yoga, acupuncture, cognitive behavioral therapy, massage therapy, spinal specific exercise.

There are numerous non-pharmacologic treatment options that demonstrate effectiveness. Chiropractic manipulation is the only consistent, effective option for both acute and chronic low-back pain.

Anals of Internal Medicine 2007: 147; 492-504

Further guidelines updated in 2017 by the American College of Physicians recommends that physicians should treat acute or subacute low-back pain with non-drug therapies.

Their recommendations include: spinal manipulation, superficial heat, acupuncture, massage, tai chi and yoga.
10 years later, chiropractic manipulation is still a proven treatment option that is effective for low-back pain without the use of medications.

The evidence showed that acetaminophen (Tylenol) was not effective at improving low-back pain vs. placebo. The evidence also showed that systemic steroids were not effective in treating acute or subacute low-back pain.

Anals of Internal Medicine 2017: 166(7); 533-534

Chiropractic Manipulation achieves greater short-term reduction in pain compared with common medical treatments.
69% of medical care recipients had a 30% reduction in low-back pain at 4 weeks.

94% of spinal manipulation recipients had a 30% reduction in low-back pain at 4 weeks.

Spine 2015: 40 (4); 209-217