DOT Exams

DOT Exams

Dr. Tavis Is Now Offering Same Day DOT Exams

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Dr. Tavis Johansson is a nationally registered Certified Medical Examiner, recognized by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to perform physicals for CDL drivers as required by Statepart and Federal regulations. Your physical will cover all requirements, including standard vitals, vision, hearing, urinalysis and general physical examination. Upon successful completion, your medical certificate will be sent to the Federal and appropriate State databases.

Commercial truck drivers who need an annual Department of Transportation (DOT) physical can now complete their Montana DOT exam at 3 Rivers Chiropractic. Montana chiropractor Dr. Johansson is trained and certified to perform DOT physical exams for Montana drivers.

The DOT exam includes a blood test, vision test, and hearing test; the physical also assess blood sugar levels, blood pressure and blood pressure.

"Scheduling a DOT physical can sometimes be a frustrating process, especially for drivers with busy schedules who simply don't have the time to take an entire day off from work to get their physical test," said Dr. Johansson, "We now offer same day testing." "Our Chiropractice center already works closely with many commercial drivers as patients to help them manage back pain, wrist pain, or other pain associated with long hours driving and posture problems from these drives. Offering DOT physical testing is a natural extension of our commitment to serve commercial drivers."

Requirements for passing the DOT physical include at least 20/40 correctable vision in each eye and the ability to distinguish color. Glasses or contact lenses are acceptable for vision correction. Hearing must be good enough to detect a forced whisper at a minimum distance of five feet.

The maximum allowable blood pressure is 140/90; prescription medication may be taken in order to achieve this threshold. While applicants may have diabetes, blood sugar levels must be controlled through medication or diet. Insulin injections are not permitted for controlling blood sugar levels. The maximum allowable blood sugar level is 200.

In addition to DOT physical exams, 3 Rivers Chiropractic provides comprehensive pain management and injury rehabilitation treatment. This care includes helping commercial drivers manage the aches and pains associated with driving. Dr. Johansson also provides auto accident injury treatment, whiplash injury treatment, physical therapy services, sciatica pain management, foot pain relief, and muscle pain treatment.