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Is My Arm Pain Coming from My Neck?

Bottom Line: Pain in your hand, wrist, or arm can be frustrating.   You don't realize how much you use your arms and hands until pain, numbness, or tingling gets in the way.   Most of us don't usually wonder "is my arm...

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How a Pinch in Your Neck Can Affect Your Whole Body

Bottom Line:   Have you been told that you have spinal stenosis?   If so, you're not alone.   Millions of people suffer from spinal stenosis each day, and it's the number one reason people over 65 years old have spine...

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Why Does My Neck Hurt?

Bottom Line:   Your neck has a tough job. It has to hold, stabilize, and move the weight of your head... every day... for a lifetime.   Holding up 11 pounds may not seem like a lot, but the 7 bones and 20 muscles of your neck have to...

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